Selection criteria


Please note: The AJ Student Prize is only open to UK-based architecture schools that deliver ARB/RIBA-accredited architecture courses and entries must be submitted by the school, not by individual students. 

Each school must submit one project from an undergraduate student and/or one project from a postgraduate student. The sustainability category is open for schools to enter once a project has been entered at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level first.

If a school submits multiple entries, the AJ’s editorial team will decide on the best entry to put forward for judging – but we would strongly advise that the school makes the decision on whose work to put forward. 

Each school must submit the following information for each student project via the entry form:

  • Executive summary about the project and how the student exceeded the brief.
  • Tutor statement on why the project has been put forward.
  • Five to ten high-resolution jpeg images of the project. 
    • Where possible these should include plans, sections etc. 
    • There needs to be a range of landscape and portrait images. 

We have listed the answers to the most frequently asked questions which can be found on this page, if you have any queries that haven’t been answered please email‌

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